Call for Expressions of Interest for Organizing the ESRS Summer-School 2016

The European Society for Rural Sociology hereby invites members and their Departments and Universities to
submit bids for holding the European Summer School of Rural Sociology in the year 2016. To be considered,
bids must be received by the 15th of June 2015.


Every second year, the European Society for Rural Sociology organizes a Summer School. The Summer School
recruits young scholars of Rural Sociology and rural studies in general, from whole Europe. The aim is to
introduce the participants to the field of rural sociology. Teachers are leading specialists within the field,
recruited both internationally and from the organizing country. Participants are expected to contribute a
paper. Much of the School proceedings centre around these papers and on lectures given by the tutors and
specially invited guests. The duration of the School is usually one week, and participants are lodged together,
for example in a conference centre. Excursions and study tours are usually part of the programme.

The organizing institution decides the content of the Summer School and a meeting theme. The latter should
reflect the central concerns of rural sociology, be broad enough to reflect the concerns of the Society, and
attractive to young scholars, opting for a career within the field.

For more information see the attached document:

CALL FOR BIDS Summer School ESRS 2016