4th Nordic Conference for Rural Research

Nordic Ruralities: Crisis and Resilience
4th Nordic Conference for Rural Research
University of Akureyri, Iceland
May 22 – 24, 2016

The Nordic ruralities conference is an interdisciplinary forum for rural research with a particular emphasis on the Nordic countries. Rural communities frequently experience rapid changes in e.g. population density, employment opportunities and provision of services on a scale that would be considered catastrophic if they would occur in larger cities or at the national level.

Crisis is therefore a regular feature of many rural communities and rural development. Short-term economic fluctuations that constitute a major crisis on the national level may thus appear to be relatively minor, compared to the long-term economic instability of many rural communities. While rural areas are vulnerable to processes of globalization, urbanization and technological change, many have demonstrated remarkable resilience and ability to adapt to rapid change.

The 4th Nordic Ruralities conference in Akureyri in Northern Iceland emphasizes the role of vulnerability and perpetual crisis in building rural resilience in the Nordic countries but scholars from other regions and contributions on other issues facing rural communities are also warmly welcomed.

Website: ruralities.org

Further information: Nordic ruralities – call for working groups