RSG Regional correspondent of the Czech Republic for ESRS


Prof. PhDr. Ing. Majerová Věra CSc.
Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS), Czech Republic


In order to increase the potential of cooperation in Europe, it is necessary to be informed about research activities in every European country. We assume that only experts from specific countries can present appropriate and useful information from the scientific milieu of the relevant country. Because it is very difficult to launch scientific activities for young and talented researchers on an international level, we try to encourage them through this group.

The continuation of this group has the potential of closer cooperation among scientific departments within the country, as well as throughout the whole of Europe. Of course, this type of collaboration is strengthened by a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach to research activities.


To continue the web portal as regional correspondent, regularly to provide current information in the Czech Republic from the scientific world, and to create research teams comprised of doctoral students (or post-doctoral scientists) and experienced researchers with a focus on research activities, as well as international cooperation.

Activities for 2016

  • meeting of RSG and Scientific Committee of CzechRural (in May);
  • establishment of closer collaboration with ERDN incl. promotion for the creation of a scientific journal on the V4 platform;
  • extending cooperation with LAGs — spring meeting of LAG representatives and doctoral students;
  • development of communication tools within CzechRural — forwarding offers and requests in both research and teaching activities;
  • preparation for a further methodological seminar;
  • preparation of the 3rd Workshop (in November);
  • submission of new V4 grant, as well as of other grant possibilities;
  • presentation on websites outside Prague, in the Czech Republic as well as in the CEE area;
  • exchange of lectures among members of RSG.