General Assembly

The General Assembly decides the general policy of the Society, according to
the recommendations made by the Executive Committee.
The main tasks of the General Assembly are as follows:

  • the adoption of the report by the Executive Committee on the activities of the Society;
  • the adoption of the Statement of Accounts prepared by the (Secretary-) Treasurer and previously audited. Auditors consisting of two ordinary members, shall be appointed by the General Assembly;
  • a decision on the annual membership subscription for each type of membership as proposed by the Executive Committee;
  • the election of the President and Vice-President of the Society and members of the Executive Committee.

Traditionally the General Assembly has been held every second year during the bi-annual ESRS Congress. All the members of the Society have access to the General Assembly and have the right to vote in the elections.


General Assembly of the European Society for Rural Sociology, 19th of August, 2015
– New Executive Committee