Call for Special Issue Proposals in Sociologia Ruralis

Sociologia Ruralis publishes one special issue per two years and is interested in receiving proposals for a special issue to be published in summer 2019. We particularly welcome proposals that result from the last congress of the European Society for Rural Sociology held in Krakow.

Special issue proposals should include:

  1. An introduction to the overarching topic (“problem statement”) answering the following questions: what is the special issue about, what is its relevance (scientifically and societally) and potential interest for the readers of Sociologia Ruralis;
  2. an explanation of the added value of a special issue, answering the following questions: what does a collection of these papers add to the existing body of work/publications on this topic? 
  3. a list and brief description of collected papers: authors, abstract and current stage of the papers; explaining the following: what is the contribution of the individual papers? What is the purpose of the introductory and concluding article? How do the papers relate to each other?
  4. a presentation of the editors: background, experience with editing, publication record.

The proposals will be evaluated by the journal’s editorial board. Evaluation criteria include: quality of the proposal and academic standing of the editors, interest of the suggested topic to the readership of Sociologia Ruralis, expected quality of the papers based on the quality of abstracts and authors, stage of development and likelihood to have the special issue published around the time of the next conference of the European Society for rural Sociology in June 2019.

Please send your proposal to the editor in chief: prof. B.B. Bock, For more information about the journal and recent special issues, please check the journal’s website:

The deadline for proposals is 30 November 2017.