XIIth conference – Abnormal Exchanges. The nested markets for rural fragile areas – Call for cases

The XIIth conference on rural fragile areas, is organized in Rovigo 2-3 March 2018 and will focus on nested markets. The aim is to verify whether and how virtuous markets are widespread in marginal areas of Italy and Europe. Abstracts may be in Italian or English. Jan van der Ploeg will be the key note speaker of the 2-3 March Conference in Rovigo. From previous conference there is a publication edited by B. Bock and Giorgio Osti.

The abstract (up to 2000 characters) in English or Italian describing the emblematic case must be sent by December 31, 2017 to Giorgio Osti (giorgio.osti@dispes.units.it) and Sara Morelli (areefragili.rovigo@gmail.com).

More info here.