Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is appointed by the Executive Committee.

The Scientific Committee, as a working committee of the Executive Committee, is charged with matters of a scientific nature, especially

• the thematic planning and preparation of the Society`s congresses;

• the furthering of the establishment of Scientific Working Groups concerned with scientific matters;

• the thematic planning and preparation of training activities;

• any other activity which would be calculated to assist in the achievement of the scientific objectives of the Society.

• The work of the Scientific Committee is led by the Scientific Secretary who is a member of the Executive Committee.


Members of the Scientific Committee for 2017 are:


Dr. Joost Dessein, Belgium (Chair)

Dr.soc. Talis Tisenkopfs, Latvia

Dr. Katriina Soini, Finland

Dr. Ruth McAreavey, Ireland

Dr. Michiel de Krom, Belgium

Dr. Maria Partalidou, Greece

Dr. Balint Balasz, Hungary