Looking for convenors to organize ESRS Research and Study Groups

We want to encourage Society members to participate in thematic or regional study groups. This will have many benefits:

  • It will more tightly integrate rural sociologists across Europe
  • It will help advance our understanding of rural sociological issues
  • It will create networks to bid for European Horizon 2020 funding and other monies

If you are interested in convening a Study Group, please contact María Jesús Rivera in the first instance: mjesus.rivera@ehu.eus

Please ensure that you have read and complied with the terms of reference.

The ESRS has a budget of €1500 per annum to help establish Study Groups. We anticipate giving three groups a budget of €500 per year, depending on budgetary constraints, the needs of Study Groups, and the number of Study Groups formed. We also welcome applications to establish Study Groups that do not need funding support.

If you are interested in convening a group, either formalizing existing activities you are involved in, or convening a new group, please email no more than a one page outline of your proposed activities to María Jesús Rivera. If you wish to apply for funding, please send an additional page detailing how you plan to use the requested funding to advance the activity of your research and study group.

Please send applications by April 16th, 2018. The Executive Committee will decide on proposals and inform convenors by April 30th. If funding permits, a second call for proposals will be issued with a September 1st deadline. Convenors will be informed of the outcome by October 1st 2018.

For further information, see Terms of Reference document.