Call for nominating candidates for the ESRS Executive Committee 2019-2021

At the General Assembly in the Trondheim Congress the ESRS will elect a new Executive Committee for the Society. The Executive Committee is composed by the following officers; President, Vice President and four Ordinary Members and one Early Career Member.
The constitution permits the society to have an election if there are pre-nominated candidates (i.e. the General Assembly cannot suggest new names at the GA meeting itself). According to the Constitution, those Ordinary Members who have served for only 2 years are eligible to stand for re-election but they must be proposed, seconded and elected in the same way as the other posts. Only members of the ESRS can stand for office and only members can nominate or second candidates. Elections will be held by ballot at the GA in Trondheim by ESRS members.
Please send names of nominees as indicated on the template below to Kristina Svels
( by the 31st of May, 2019. Nominees must have agreed to stand.
Following the nominations, names will appear on the Society website and nominees will be invited to write a short statement of their reasons for standing and their plans for the Society. They will also be asked to present themselves at the GA in Trondheim (26th of June, 2019).


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